Friday, November 18, 2011

A Letter of Thanksgiving For All Our Partners

November, 2011


Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ! As this November takes us toward the holiday of Thanksgiving, we want to say THANK YOU to our mission prayer partners and supporters. You will hear briefly from Larry & Sue, then from Havalyn & Jean-Louis. First from the Corrells....

"We are happily at work in Tucson for the next 6 months. It is a real joy to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ, in a loving, caring way, to nearly 900 senior citizens, as their missionary pastor and wife. Someone asked if our winter work was a paid position. We work about 50 hours a week (preaching, Bible training, hospital & nursing home calling, home visitation, counseling, and praying) and receive $110 per week... or $2860 for 6 month mission. We really DO count on and appreciate your continued support for this part of our ministry, just as we do for the remainder of our mission to Belgium, England, and South Africa. In the 2 winters that we've been in Tucson, people have come to Christ for salvation, some have dramatically grown in their faith, and others are intentionally seeking for God. Thank you for "walking with us" among our people...making it possible for us to share the love of Jesus every day in the desert."

And, now, from the Duchennes...

"Bon all of you who know us and pray for us back there in America. Jean-Louis and I have had a whirl-wind summer. First our wedding in July, then a beautiful honeymoon, and finally getting settled in our flat in Auvelais, Belgium. Immediately, we found ourselves involved in mission in our community. At first I (Havalyn) had to get back into my French language classes in Namur. Then I found myself counseling women who were having serious family and life-threatening personal issues. Jean-Louis began a time of training with Pstr David Doyen that will lead him into eldership and ministry in our community. Together, we are now organising our Gospel outreach work through what we call Club Tournesol (for young adults), Teen Club, and friendship Bible times. I'm back in Worship ministry and one of the things that takes time is translating my English-language songs into French. Jean-Louis and I must earn the trust of the community as a bi-national couple and we know it will take time. So, we trust Jesus, we love His people, and we are ready to work hard. Thank you for remembering us and our mission."



Larry & Sue :)


Timothy Ministries, 2005-2011


Saturday, September 04, 2010

Timothy Ministries: Important Information about the rest of 2010

Dear Mission Friends and Family,

Please STOP and read this letter. It will give you very important information about the rest of 2010, well into 2011, for those of us who work together in Timothy Ministries here and overseas. It'll help you know how to pray for all of us.

In October, Larry and Sue will leave Beloit, once more, to preach the Word of God and strengthen local churches in Colorado, California, Arizona, and along the Mexican border.  From Autumn through next Spring, they will teach, preach, pastor, and counsel in numerous places as itinerant missionaries in the American Southwest. Between speaking at Church Mission and Bible Conferences and caring for the spiritual needs of hundreds of senior citizens and "snowbirds", they will put on 1000s of miles and keep happily active serving Jesus Christ. Along with the hands-on work, they continue to consult and mentor many Christian pastors and their families in Europe, Africa, and North America. One of the great joys of the mission work is to watch younger Christian pastors, whom they've trained, take their place in local, regional, and national leadership in their countries.

In 2011, following grandchildren's High School graduations and officiating at the wedding of a Christian friend and co-worker, Larry and Sue will begin to plan for one more trip to Europe and Africa to encourage and support the evangelists, pastors, and congregations with whom they've ministered since 1993. It's time to hand over all the overseas work and become their "Cheerleaders!"

One such young man is Israel Kande, pastor of the Emmanuel Church in Capetown, South Africa. Through the years of hard work at Kum Bible College (KBC) with Edmunds and Brenda Flatela, Charles Damse, and Ewart Masondo, we discovered "God's man" for the war refugees from the Congo who were forced to flee their land and settle in Capetown. Pastor Kande is a resourceful, bright, energetic spiritual leader who has established a wonderful ministry to the downtrodden, poor, and homeless. We consider it an honor to have Israel and his wife, Rachel, as our Timothy partners. Soon, he will also return to Kinshasa, Congo to conduct evangelistic meeting there. We are supporting his work and have since his days with us at (KBC).

Larry and Sue continue to teach and counsel young Mexican Christians who are getting their pastoral training on the "border" where life, itself, is a risk. We cannot pray enough for those young men and women who are called to "carry the Light of Christ" in a very, very dark land. We must be like "Aaron and Hur" to them, if we can.

Havalyn Nesler, our "woman in Belgium" is beginning a new and exciting chapter of her missionary life. As our Timothy Worker in French-speaking churches, she has planted "good seed" for the Gospel and is ready to head into the next phase of her work. We'll let her tell you first-hand .....
"After spending a challenging, miraculous, and eye-opening six months working and training in Belgium, I am just back in the USA and hard at work "earning my keep" and continuing the training process that began overseas. During my time spent in Auvelais, Belgium, God showed me a tremendous need for committed church workers and I know I am personally called to help nurture and prepare Belgian Christians for Christian ministry. I will return to Auvelais and the greater Sambreville area in August, 2011 as a long-term missionary, working with the same church where I've been ministering since January, 2010. During this year in America, I will travel with Larry and Sue in the Midwest (and then "solo'?) to raise prayer and financial support. I'll also begin coursework with Moody Bible Institute toward a "Certificate in Biblical Studies" so that I'll be better equipped to minister now and upon my return to Belgium. Please pray for me as I balance all these responsibilities ... a full-time job, school, home and family, and the raising of my support during these next 11 months. God bless you for caring about me. " –Havalyn

Over the years, we've been blessed with wonderful co-workers. We consider Havalyn one of our "torchbearers for Jesus" in Timothy Ministries' future. With people like Havalyn (in Europe), Israel and Rachel and Edmunds and Brenda (in Africa), and Larry and Sue still wandering all over the place (plus our home volunteers) we have high hopes for the simple, quiet mission of the Timothy Ministries family TO GLORIFY GOD, STRENGTHEN THE CHURCH, AND OFFER CHRIST WHEREVER WE GO!

We thank you for
praying ...

–Larry & Sue
2 Timothy 2:2

Friday, April 23, 2010

Returning Home from Mexico

Dear Friends,

After preaching in Tucson Sunday morning, we will begin our trip back across the country to our home in Beloit.  The work in Mexico is finished for now. We go back into Mexico to teach again in November and beyond, even as we resume our missionary chaplaincy, again, at that time here in greater Tucson.  Thank you for praying for our safety on the roads.

We will not be accessing our computer until 30 April. God bless and keep you well.

In Christian love,

Friday, April 02, 2010

Easter 2010

Dear Friends and Co-Workers,

We just want to take a moment to wish you a very happy, spiritually rich, and blessed Easter weekend.  May you all know the resurrection power of Jesus Christ in your life, today.

Enjoy the weekend with your families and your brothers and sisters in Christ. As we continue to wander through God's world, we hope to meet up with you, again, sometime, someplace.  Have a wonderful day.

Your friends in Christ,

Larry & Sue

Dr. Larry and Susan Correll
Timothy Ministries
2 Timothy 2:2

Friday, December 04, 2009

Havalyn Nesler Going to Belgium!

To all of you who have been praying, have supported our work, and have been waiting with us.....

Our young woman who has been waiting for her resident visa approval from the Belgian Immigration Office and Consulate HAS BEEN APPROVED! After 3 months of delays and governmental red tape, God has moved the hand of the Belgian officials and Havalyn has been cleared to live in Auvelais, Belgium to work as our newest Timothy Missionary with E'glise Protestant Evangelique in the greater Sambreville region. She will, now, begin to search for the best flights to Brussels, leaving in January 2010. Her wait is not long compared to many missionaries who must wait for 6 to 12 months. We praise our Lord for His timing... what a wonderful Christmas gift!

THANK YOU for standing firm with us as we have been working to launch Havalyn into foreign mission work. And, THANK YOU for continuing to pray for her, for her adjustment to European lifestyles and ministry, and for us, as we continue to resource her during her first term abroad. We'll keep you posted as to the final stages of her journey as she settles in to Auvelais. This is very exciting for all of us at Timothy Ministries. After 17 years of quiet, consistent missionary experience around the world, in many ways, it is the passing of the mantle to a second generation who shares our passion to bring Christ to the lost and the lost to Christ. We praise God!

We wanted you to soon as we did. God bless and keep you close to Him.
In Christ's work, together,

Dr Larry & Susan Correll
Timothy Ministries

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Timothy Ministries, Summer 2009

Dear Friends and Partners,

If you are traveling on the roads this summer, look for Sue's little yellow Mini. We'll be spending a lot of time in it. During these "furlough" months, we are trying to re-connect with our prayer partners and supporters. We want to say THANK YOU for all the love and support you continue to give. And, we are pleased to be invited into new churches who are willing to hear our stories of Jesus and people around the world. We have preached across America, already this year, from south-central California to the Detroit area to Florida. God has opened doors for us in our own Midwest and we'll be sharing the Word and our stories of the mission work in many congregations, at our national church convention, and across kitchen tables in many homes. And, we have 3 exciting bits of news for the future:

While here in the USA, we've just had the privilege of hosting our dear friends, Dick and Moira Curry, who run an NGO (non-governmental organization) in Uganda. We are trying to help them find more support for their Christian-based development work in Mbali and Buta. Later in the summer, Philip & Helen Clarke, from Aberdeen, Scotland will be staying with us in Beloit. From 1997 to 2003, Philip and I trained young Romanian church leaders in the Transylvanian region and now they are training their own pastors & teachers. It's a joy to See so much of our work in the hands of Christian nationals.

In September, we send Havalyn Nesler to Auvelais, Belgium to work for a season as our Timothy Ministries missionary-in-residence there. This 24-year-old woman will be ministering with a local church across the generations and in the French-Walloon language in a region where there are very few committed Christian believers. We are thrilled to help launch her out into the world of foreign mission.

On 7 October, we trade Sue's Mini for an airplane and head back to Africa. We are excited for you to know that we will be doing Bible teaching and church revivals among Congolese war refugees. With Kum Bible College completely on its own now, we are, also, free to help do bush evangelism and new church planting in villages along the Eastern Cape/Kwa-Zulu Natal border. We will be working alongside our old friends Edmunds Flatela, Banzi Kobo, Jude Mua-Kebei, Ewart Masondo, and Ayanda Mbombo. Living rough, preaching every's tough, but it's wonderful work!

We are amazed that God still wants to use us to build up and encourage HIS mission here and overseas. Please continue to pray for us and our co-workers. We'll add more details when we write to you in the autumn.


Your friends in Christ,
Larry & Sue Correll

1724 Crescent Drive Beloit, WI 53511 USA
2 Timothy 2: 2

Friday, May 15, 2009

God answers prayer

To all our family & friends,

We cannot praise God well enough as we tell you that the neurologists and neurosurgeons all agree that the mass in Andrew's brain is, in fact, a pineal cyst and not a tumor. God has answered all of our prayers, together. Andrew had his consultation on Friday afternoon and they say it will bear watching, but that it should be no problem. He has confidence in the Lord and the expertise of the doctors....and a new lease on life.

This battle, for the last 9 days, has belonged to the Lord (2 Chron 20:15) and we tried to stand firm on the authority of the Word, especially Isaiah 49:13-16. Did we worry and cry? Yes! Did we trust Jesus? Yes! And we trust the faithfulness of you who prayed. Thank you! Please pass the word along to those who were praying with you.
Bless you for standing with Andrew, and with us.

Larry & Sue