Thursday, April 16, 2009

Annual Timothy Ministries Gathering '09

Dear Timothy Ministries Family,

You are invited to be here, at Clare Cottage (1724 Crescent in Beloit) at 10:00am on 27 June, 2009 for our annual gathering for worship, fellow- ship, prayer, and decision-making. We will have lunch, together, mid-way through our meetings and hope to be finished by 2:00 to 3:00pm.

We have exciting things to discuss:
  • Havalyn Nesler's missionary internship in Belgium in 2009-10

  • Tent evangelism in South Africa, in the bush locations (purchasing a tent for mobile meeting sites) in the autumn of '09

  • Discipleship & church development in the city of Capetown (among Congolese refugees) in the autumn of '09

  • Bible Conferences in the United Kingdom & Western Europe

  • Local Church trouble-shooting and consultation in Europe and the USA Drug cartels, border troubles and future Mexican training

  • Loss of donors and the future of funding Timothy Ministries in a recession economy

It is important that as many of us, as possible, get together to worship, pray, and talk on that Saturday. If anyone living away from the Beloit area needs a bed for Friday or Saturday night (or both), several of us can provide hospitality.

If you know that you WILL be here, please let us know so that Sue and her helpers can plan our lunch, appropriately. Thanks.

We'll hope to hear from you soon. 27 June is not that far away. God bless and keep all of you in His hand. Thank you for your years of loving support, advocacy, and work together. Philippians 1:3-6, 9-11

Hope to see you in June,
Larry & Sue

Dr Larry & Susan Correll
Timothy Ministries
2 Timothy 2:2