Monday, March 16, 2009

Prayer Requests For Larry & Sue

  1. Dr. Larry and Susan CorrellPlease pray for churches in Europe, Africa, and North America who are in critical times of transition due to problems with religious legalism, false or unbalanced teaching, excessive emotionalism, business mentalities, and the implications of social/humanitarian work that blunt the full effect of real Gospel ministry.
  2. Please pray for the local and national Christian leaders who have taken on the responsibility of administration and education at Kum Bible College and in the various training centers associated with Timothy Ministries in Africa and Europe.
  3. Please pray for Christian leaders and workers who have trouble showing respect for and loving their people, thereby diminishing the sense of spiritual worth within a congregation or community of believers. When Christians believe that they are undervalued, there can be fear, demoralization, and a strong sense of spiritual failure. Love can soon become a scarce commodity.
  4. Please pray for Larry and Sue as they go through a year of "furlough," report-giving to supporters and donors, traveling in America, and transitioning to a work as "trouble-shooters" and counseling missionaries to local churches who need rescue and revival. As always, they want to hear God, obey His Word, live in His Spirit and do the simple things that He asks them to do.

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