Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

We have just received word from our Congolese co-worker in Capetown that there are increasing xenophobic attacks on African foreigners in the Capetown area (as well as in other RSA cities). Several people have been killed, many injured, houses and little shops ransacked, looted, and destroyed. Israel Kande writes that there are massive attacks on Congolese, Somalis, Mozambiquans, and Zimbawbeans, by South Africans. Many of our Congolese friends, with whom Timothy Ministries works, are in harms way.

I verified the information by going to BBC and Reuters News to read (and see on Internet Video) to get the right facts. It is as Rev. Kande says. It's genocide simply because these black African foreigners are just that... foreigners whom the locals see as a threat to their economy, etc. Many of the "foreigners" (like our Congolese friends) are refugees and they are very vulnerable.

Please Pray. Please ask God to Quell this evil. Please ask God to Glorify Himself in this horrid situation. And, please ask God to use this time of murder and destruction to strengthen the Christians to show and tell how badly South Africa needs Christ. Thank you for praying in your homes, your groups, and your churches.

Please pass this message on so that we have a circle of prayer around the world. Thank you for doing this.
Larry & Sue

Timothy Ministries

Friday, May 30, 2008

Larry and Susan Correll, Timothy Ministries, Executive Director, (by the canal in Bruge, Belgium)TIMOTHY MINISTRIES Summer Update 2008

Just a brief note to let you know that things are going very well. There are signs of major reconciliation and spiritual restoration that are having a very good effect upon relationships in the Body of Christ. Guess what? Calling people back to their First Love in Jesus Christ" is really the key thing. When people start enjoying Jesus, its amazing how they start to enjoy each other, again. We feel so honoured to be here watching God at work.

Wanted you all to know that we're thriving in this home mission. It's good work to see the Church revived and renewed and finally starting to look to its brighter, hopeful future, rather than languish in its painful past.

Hope you all are very well. God be with you and give you His JOY!

Larry and Susan