Friday, July 25, 2008

Larry and Susan Correll, Timothy Ministries, Executive Director, (by the canal in Bruge, Belgium)TIMOTHY MINISTRIES July Update 2008

Hi, friends and family,

This is just a brief update to let you know what we see God doing in this mission in wildfire-laden, hot, desert California. We are about 50 miles from the Piute Fire and 100 miles from the Santa Barbara fire, so no danger. Our skies are brownish-blue and the air quality is not good, but everyone here is safe. Praise God!

The church is really changing, week-by-week. We see and hear really different attitudes and sense a new, healthier environment for this struggling congregation. The main focus is shifting back onto Jesus and less on the people, especially those with gripes and negative feelings about their past. There is true hope in Christ... and the return of grace in relationships. We see it, day by

It's been about 9 months since the big "blow-up" in the church. Now, they are sensing a new beginning... like giving birth to new hope and purpose (this time centered on Christ, not man). Last night at the Church Board, they asked me if I would help them set in motion the process of a Pulpit Search Team... to find God's man that He's prepared for them, as their permanent pastor for the future. I was overjoyed to say YES, I'LL HELP YOU START THAT PROCESS! By the time we leave here 30 September, a good Pulpit Search Team should be in place, praying and working together.

Please pray that Sue and I will continue to be good role models, give sound, godly advice, preach Christ, teach the Bible, and care for the people so that God gets all the glory, not us. We're learning that missionary families are needed in this country, too. There are few things in ministry, for us, more exciting than watching a sick church get healthy, again.

We'll write again in August and let all of you know how the ministry is developing here.

Thank you loving us, caring about us, supporting us, and mostly praying for us. We depend on knowing that you are there! God bless you, everyone!

In Christ's love... for you,

Larry & Sue