Monday, September 24, 2007

Larry and Susan CorrellTimothy Ministries Autumn 2007

Dear Partners and Friends,

We have returned from Africa. Sue has washed our clothes and repacked our bags. As you read this, we are flying out to Europe and another preaching mission in the churches of England, Scotland, and Belgium. Before Christmas comes, we will also have been able to minister the grace of Jesus Christ in Indiana, Ohio, California, and Wisconsin.

Before we ask for prayer and continued support, may we tell you a little about Africa and give God all the glory for the wonderful ministry we experienced? Teaching the Bible, preaching the Gospel of salvation, and training leaders has grown dramatically this year. We taught 5 college courses at Kum Bible College (for students aiming for graduation in 2008 & 2009). God blessed us with a powerful revival ministry in Six Trees/Lusikisiki District, Konjwaio, Kokstad, and Capetown. God opened the door into a large Christian community of Congolese refugees AND strengthened our work in the Eastern Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal. Preaching in rondavels and villages, we saw about 70 young people give their lives to Christ as Saviour. We rejoiced to see nearly 200 believers re-dedicate their lives to Jesus. We were in awe as African pastors and elders re-committed their churches and ministries to reach the unsaved with the Gospel. And we were humbled to help plant a new congregation in a poor, out-of-the-way location called Kabajana. Sue was given a good opportunity to work with teachers in both preschools and in a government primary school called Sizani (where the students repair the mud walls of their own classrooms to keep the weather and the animals out!!!) We come home believing that the Holy Spirit has "opened the door" for more vigorous, hard work next year in all these places.

Joe and Dawn Correll and Dr. Philip Allen spent two weeks with us and were a great help in construction, medical outreach, and teaching. In their own individual ways, they learned the realities of cross-cultural mission work, created their own network of friends, and saw the work of the Holy Spirit. They surrendered themselves to personally be God's servants to their African brothers and sisters. That's what genuine mission work is all about! Bless you Joe, Dawn, and Phil; for all that you did with us.

We head across to Europe and then return to ministry in the USA between now and December. We could ask for the usual things like traveling mercies, increased financial support, stamina, good communication, and spiritual wisdom. . .and we do. We beg you to pray for the churches and pastors who have asked us to come serve them in preaching and teaching the Word of God. . .in Storth, Rugby, and Frodsham, Encland; in Aberdeen and Invurary, Soctland; in Auvelais and Dour, Belgium; in Elkhart, Indiana; in Logan, Ohio; in Wasco, California and in Shopiere, Wisconsin. Your steady prayer will undergird our mission and God will bless the places and people where we see Him at work. We believe that!

But, we have an even greater prayer request. Will you please pray that throughout these next few months, we will be changed by the grace of God to, simply, be more like Jesus? That's it. . .we want a continual transformation in our hearts to be like Him. We depend on Christ and we trust you to pray. Thank you! We love you! Talk to you in 3 months.