Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Larry and Susan Correll

Timothy Report May 2008

Hello from perpetually sunny, desert CA. We're doing very well in a strategically difficult situation. But God is good and has really opened the door for our ministry here. There are real signs of healing in the congregation. One guy said, "For the first time in two years, when I come to church, I feel like I can breathe, again." The tension must've been incredible. The leaders are starting to gain hope and confidence in the church's future. Time will tell. We're trusting the Lord and trying to slowly turn the focus back onto Jesus, and away from personalities & programs, etc. Keep praying!

We're working night and day. We've already had 86 visits, meetings, & counseling sessions, believe it or not, within the 25 days we've been here. It's pretty non-stop, but it's good, solid home mission work. We're both healthy and full of energy.

We want to say THANK YOU, again, for your generosity in providing us with our salary during these months working out here. We didn't expect that...but it really touched us and made us feel appreciated. Thanks, Philip, and everybody who was so kind in this matter.

We also wanted you to know that we've not let the overseas work slip. I've been counseling with 3 foreign pastors about helping them with ideas for evangelism and outreach in Capetown, Belgium, and England. I field many requests for Sue and me to go overseas in 08-09 to do crusades, leadership training, and church recovery projects, each week. The majority have come from Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Kenya, and the Philippines, recently. I've tried to graciously decline and put these guys onto other mission organisations that could meet their needs. I even had to counsel an 18 year old who wanted to skip college and go to Africa to work as an untrained missionary. I said, get your education, a useful mission skill, and some life experience... then launch yourself into the unknown. Never heard back, obviously.

We miss home and all of you very much. Thank you for not forgetting us or to pray for us. We need you. I'll close for now. We love you. Take care and stay close to Jesus!

Philippians 1: 3-6
Larry & Sue